DIY Mirror Frame

DIY Mirror Frame

Give your standard mirror a makeover with Designer Nicole Gibbons’ easy project.

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Turn an ordinary frameless mirror into a design focal point by adding a custom frame using simple wood molding.

24” x 36” frameless mirror
28” x 36” piece of plywood
Mirror caulking
4” x 4” decorative blocks
(2) pieces of 28-inch simple wood molding
(2) pieces of 20-inch simple wood molding
(2) 1/2-inch screws
1 1/2-inch screw
Hanging wire


  1. Make sure you have a clean, non-abrasive surface to work on. Flip your mirror over so that the reflective side is face down
  2. Next, put the mirror caulking on the back of the mirror. Make little dots of caulking all across the back making sure to leave at least an inch gap away from the edge so that no excess caulking will seep out when adhered to the plywood

  1. Place your plywood to the right of your mirror. Flip over your mirror and carefully lay it on top of the plywood. There should be a 2-inch gap on the left and right, and the top and bottom should be flush with the edges of the plywood. Make sure to evenly apply pressure to completely secure the mirror to the plywood.

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  1. Now apply caulking to the back of one of your 4” x 4” decorative blocks. Line up your block to the lower left corner so that your block is flush with the corner of the plywood. Your block should partially overlap the mirror
  2. Take one of the 28-inch pieces of molding and apply caulking to the back. Use a zig-zag pattern on the backside of the molding and stay close to the center. Line it up with your decorative block on the left side of the plywood and press firmly against the mirror/plywood. (This molding will also overlap the mirror)

  1. Add another decorative block just like you did in step 4 but apply this one to the top left
  2. Now adhere your 20-inch wood molding to the top of your mirror with your caulking as you did in step 5. The left side of the molding should be flush with the decorative block
  3. Continue to add your blocks in the corners and your molding on the sides until the mirror is completed. Allow one hour for the caulking to dry
  4. Flip your mirror over. In the top left and the top right corners, place a 1/2-inch screw in each corner with a drill. These screws should go through the plywood and into the decorative block. Attach a wire between the screws. Find a place on the wall you would like to hang the mirror and place a 1 1/2-inch screw into the wall

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