DIY Monogram Letter

DIY Monogram Letter

Plain wood letters are turned into classy wall monograms to add personal style to your room.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

18” Wood letters from a craft store or online – e.g. Family initials
¼” Batting
Fabric – Color of your choice
Spray glue
Large box round nail heads
Needle-nose pliers
Staple gun and staples


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  1. In a well-ventilated area, apply spray to the front side of a wooden letter and press a piece of ¼” batting over it
  2. Cut away excess batting from around the letter with a pair of scissors (See image below)
  3. Spread out your fabric face down on your work surface. Place the letter batting side down on top of the fabric
  4. Cut the fabric around the letter with a pair of scissors leaving about 2” excess (See image below)
  5. Fold the excess fabric over the back of the wood letter and secure in place with a staple gun. Pull the fabric taut as you continue stapling, but make sure not to pull too much and leave yourself short on the opposite side of the letter (See image below)
  6. When you reach an outer corner, pinch the two sides of the fabric together to make a point, then flatten it down onto the wood letter and staple in place (See image below)
  7. When you reach an inner corner, use a pair of scissors to cut flaps in the fabric from the edge to the corner, then staple the flaps to the wood letter (See images below)
  8. Once the fabric is secured to the wood letter, turn it over so it’s fabric side up
  9. Round nail heads are going to be added as decoration all around the edge of the wood letter. Starting in one corner, hold a nail head in place with needle-nose pliers on top of the fabric and hammer it a couple of times. Once it’s gripped the wood, pull away the pliers and finish hammering in the nail head. Repeat this step with nail heads all the way around the edge of the letter (See images below)

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