DIY Nail Head Fabric Drawers

DIY Nail Head Fabric Drawers

Update an old dresser with duck cloth and decorative nail heads.

5 col

Duck cloth fabric, enough to cover dresser drawer fronts
Spray adhesive
Decorative brass nail head spool (with upholstery nails included)
Craft glue
Decorative duct tape, 1-inch wide (any color you desire)
Ink pen
Wire cutters
Cordless power drill
3/32-inch drill bit
Decorative drawer pulls


  1. Remove the drawers from the existing dresser
  2. With the drawers removed from the dresser, remove the existing knobs or hinges using a screwdriver
  3. Lay out the duck cloth fabric face down and place the drawer, also face down, onto the fabric. Trace the face of the drawer onto the cloth, using an ink pen
  4. Using scissors cut out the traced rectangle, adding about one inch to each side. This will help accommodate the folding process
  5. In a well-ventilated area, spray an even coat of adhesive onto the face of the drawer. Let the adhesive sit for a moment before laying the fabric squarely on top of the drawer face. This will help speed the adhering process

Tip: Smooth out any air bubbles and wrinkles by rubbing scrap fabric over the drawer face with your hand. This will prevent snagging or tearing of the fabric.


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  1. With the fabric adhered to the drawer face, fold the edges of the fabric over the edges of the drawer. Apply a strip of duct tape to each side, laying the edges of the fabric to the sides and bottom of the drawer. The duct tape will also serve to conceal the raw edges of the cut fabric

Tip: When folding the corners, create a peak and then fold this peak over (just like you would when wrapping a gift).

  1. Use the tape measure to mark a line an inch from the edge of each side of the dresser face. Roll out the decorative nail heads and lay the beginning of the roll on the pencil line and roll it to opposite line. Use the wire cutters to cut the nail head strip to the appropriate measurement. Once the four strips have been cut, lay them out along the edges of the drawer face, making sure they are placed 1 inch from each edge
  2. The ends of each nail head strip will overlap, forming corners. Nail head spool strips have pre-drilled holes spaced a few inches apart, directly in the decorative nail heads. This helps you space the upholstery nails accurately. Use the hammer to drive one brass upholstery nail into each corner created by the nail head strips. Also, drive an upholstery nail into each pre-drilled hole in the nail head strip, sitting along the perimeter of the drawer face

Tip: If one or both of the nail heads that create each corner do not happen to have a pre-drilled hole, you can create holes using the drill and drill bit.

  1. Once the decorative nail heads have been secured using the brass upholster nails, install decorative drawer pulls where the old drawer pulls once were. This can be done using the hardware that was included with your purchase
  2. Repeat steps 3-9 with the remaining drawer faces. Once each drawer face has been decorated, re-install the drawers into the dresser

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H'mm. Looks to be a pretty workable idea. It would take time but the end-result would look good. Maybe, you should try it on the centre drawer only for effect. That could also be the differentiator.

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