DIY Nautical Rope Chandelier

DIY Nautical Rope Chandelier

Easily transform existing lighting into a nautical-inspired rope chandelier.

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Give an outdated chandelier a new nautical look with the use of simple jute rope and our easy instructions.

Old chandelier
Chandelier shades & light bulbs
1⁄2” Jute rope (or any hemp-based rope)
Craft glue for metal and glass
Paint brush
Clamps or pins


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1. Determine a good starting point to begin wrapping the rope onto the chandelier, such as at least a 1/2” down from the base of a light bulb. This will ensure that the rope does not catch fire or burn. Do not wrap the rope around electrical wiring, and do not wrap the rope too close to the power outlet.
2. Squeeze glue onto a paint tray or paper plate.
3. Using a paintbrush, paint a light coat of glue at the starting point and press the end of the rope into the glue. Place a clamp or pin to hold the end of the rope in place.
4. Working in small sections, continue painting glue on the chandelier. Then follow by wrapping the rope around the chandelier in very tight circles. Make sure the rows of rope are snug up against one another as you continue to wrap, pressing the rope into the glue as you go.
5. Keep wrapping rope around the chandelier until you reach a natural stopping point. Press rope into the glue, and secure with another clamp. Use scissors to cut the rope so it does not hang loose.
6. Repeat steps 1 through 4 until you have wrapped rope around every part of your chandelier. Let it sit for several hours with the clamps on. Once the glue is dry, you may add light bulbs and lampshades.

Tip: Dry fit the section of rope, and cut it to length. Make sure the piece of rope is the exact length you will need for that particular section of the chandelier. Apply plenty of glue to the ends of the rope to prevent the rope from fraying.

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