DIY Paper Cone Flower

DIY Paper Cone Flower

Make a beautiful flower to display in your home out of craft paper cones.

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By rolling up squares of painted craft paper and gluing them to a placemat, we create a three-dimensional piece of art that makes the room stand out.

(10) 28-by-22 -inch white craft paper
Semi-gloss interior paint (color of your choosing)
Paint rollers
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
15-inch circular woven placemat
Super glue


  1. Using the semi-gloss interior paint and the paint rollers, paint one side of each of your (10) 28-by-22 -inch craft papers. Allow paint to dry before moving on to the next step
  2. With scissors, cut (30) 7-by-7 -inch squares, (12) 5-by-5 -inch squares, (9) 3-by-3 -inch squares, and (7) 1-by-1 -inch squares out of your pieces of craft paper. Measure the sizes with a ruler and mark lightly with a pencil
  3. Now that all your squares are cut out, take one of the squares and roll it into a cone shape with the unpainted side facing out. Hold the cone together by applying super glue to the first side your curl and then curl the other corner over it, pressing it onto the glue. Try to keep your cones as uniform as possible


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Constructing the cones

  1. Place the 15-inch circular woven placemat on a flat surface. You will be using the hot glue gun to glue the cones to the placemat. The cones should have the thinnest point facing in towards the center of the placemat
  2. To start, glue four 7-inch cones to the placemat letting the end of each cone overhang the placemat by 3 inches. One should be placed on the top, one on the bottom, one on the left, and one on the right. It should look like a compass and will allow you to evenly distribute your cone

  1. Fill in the spaces between your four cones with more 7-inch cones remembering to let them all go past the edge of the placemat by 3 inches
  2. Next, hot glue another row of 7-inch cones on top of the existing row of 7-inch cones. Place them in the grooves created by the first row of cones. All of the pointed cone tips will meet in the center of the placemat

  1. Hot glue a circular row of 5-inch cones within the grooves of the 7-inch cones followed by a row of 3-inch cones on the grooves of the 5-inch cones
  2. With the remaining (7) 1-inch cones hot glue (6) on top of the 3-inch cones and with the last 1-inch cone, glue it into the center
  3. Our placemat was woven so hanging it to the wall was easy! Simply put a small nail in the wall and hang your flower art by having the placemat hang directly onto the nail

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Between my sisters and myself, we have made 5 of the wreaths and ready for 2 more. We used scrapbook paper instead of the paint. The books of paper available at Hobby Lobby work great and give a great variation of colors! Love these! Is there any way that I can post photos of the finished wreaths?

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