DIY Photo Wall

DIY Photo Wall

Use family photos to create an art piece by hanging them on matte boards.

5 col

Matte board – any color
(16) 4” x “4 Photos
Craft knife
Cutting mat
Spool airline wire
(8) ¼” x 2½” Eye screws
(32) Curtain clamps
(8) Ferrules
Spray adhesive
Drill with ¼” bit
Wire cutter
4’ Level


1. Using a ruler and a craft knife, cut the matte board into (17) 7” x 7” squares. Sixteen squares will be for the finished project, one will be a template to help position photos in later steps

2. On one of the 7” x 7” matte squares, mark with a ruler and pencil a 1½” border all the way around. This will leave you with a 4” x 4” square marked in the center. Using a craft knife and ruler, cut out the 4” x 4” center square. This will now be used as a template

3. Place your template from Step 2 over each of the other matte boards and mark the four corners of the 4” x 4” square with a pencil (See image below)

4. In a well-ventilated area, spray adhesive to the back of a 4” x 4” photo and attach it to a matte board using the four pencil marks from Step 3 as a guideline for placement. Repeat for the remaining fifteen boards and pictures (See image below)

5. Once all the pictures are added to the matte boards, add two curtain clamps to the top of each board about ¼” in from the edges (See image below)


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6. Measure and cut (4) 5’ strips of airline wire, one for each row of pictures.

7. Measure and mark with a pencil 56” along the wall at the desired height of the top row, checking that it is centered to where you want the pictures to hang. Keep in mind you will need to leave 4’ (48”) space below for all four rows to fit. Check with a 4’ level that the line is straight

8. Measure 12” down from the top row and mark each end of a second 56” row with a pencil. This will be where your second row hangs. Repeat to add two additional rows (See image below)

9. Drill a total of eight pilot holes into the wall using a drill with a ¼” bit at each end of your 56” rows. Screw into each pilot hole an eye screw

10. Take the first piece of wire and slide a ferrule about 4” onto its end. Starting on the top left eye screw, pass the wire with the ferrule through the eye screw and make a 2” loop, passing the free end of the wire back through the second opening on the ferrule. To secure the wire in place, clamp the ferrule with pliers so it squeezes the wire and stops it from moving (See image below)

11. Slide four pictures onto the wire and pass the free end of the wire through the top right eye screw. Secure the wire in place as you did in the previous step

12. Repeat Steps 8 and 9 for each row of pictures. Once the pictures are all on the wires, evenly space them out

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