DIY Planter Side Table

DIY Planter Side Table

See how to make a planter that doubles as a side table with these simple instructions.

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Create a side table that doubles as a planter using a concrete planter pot filled with succulent plants as the base.

Round concrete planter pot – 18-inch diameter
Mortar mix
Water for mortar mix
Large bucket
Stir stick
(3) 1/2-inch Copper pipes pre-cut to 18-inch lengths
Round glass tabletop – 24-inch diameter
(3) 3/4-inch Clear round vinyl non-adhesive discs
20 by 20-inch Cardboard
Craft knife
Tape measure
Hot glue gun with glue sticks
Soil and sand mixture for succulent plants
Assortment of succulent plants
Large bag of decorative pebbles
Small ball of string


Making a temporary cover to hold the pipe:

  1. Three copper pipes are going to be used as supports inside the planter for the glass tabletop, surrounded by concrete. To hold the pipes level in the planter while the concrete hardens around them, a temporary cardboard support is needed over the top of the planter pot. To make this cover, turn the concrete planter pot upside down on top of a piece of cardboard and use a marker to trace around it. Put the pot to one side
  2. Measure 2 inches in from the edge of the traced circle in four different spots and mark them with a pen. Connect the marks in a circle to make a smaller circle inside the large one
  3. For the placement of the three copper pipes in later steps, eyeball and mark three equally spaced points around the inner circle. Take one of your copper pipes and trace around it over each mark. With a craft knife, carefully cut out each copper pipe mark and then cut out the outer circle. The cardboard will now fit on top of the planter pot like a lid

Adding the mix:


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  1. In a large bucket, stir together the mortar mix and water. Follow the instructions on the mortar mix bag for the correct ratio of each item.
  2. Pour the mortar mixture into the concrete planter pot and fill it to approximately 6 inches from the rim. Place the cardboard cover on top of the pot and push your three copper pipes through the holes. Eyeball the pipes to make sure they are all vertically straight and are the same height. Leave the concrete to dry for at least 24 hours. Refer to the mortar mix packaging for specific drying times
  3. Once the concrete is dry, remove the cardboard cover and discard. Add a 2-inch layer of decorative pebbles over the concrete to help with water drainage for the succulents
  4. Fill the rest of the pot with a 1/2 soil and 1/2 sand mixture, suitable for succulents and plant your succulents in the pot. Succulents work best because they require minimal watering and this is a sealed planter. Place decorative pebbles around the succulents to cover the exposed soil and finish the look

Tip: For a cohesive design look, place taller succulents in the center of the pot and smaller ones around the edges.

  1. Apply a small amount of hot glue on the top of a copper pipe and press a 3/4-inch clear round vinyl non-adhesive disc on top of it. Repeat for each pipe.
  2. Center the glass tabletop on top of the three pipes

Tip: Position your side table planter before adding the glass tabletop so it is safer to move.

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