DIY Reed Fence Ceiling

DIY Reed Fence Ceiling

Give a room a tropical makeover with reed fencing installed to the ceiling.

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Whether you want to disguise a dated ceiling or add tropical flair to a room, reed fencing is the perfect solution.

Tape measure
Reed fencing (commonly found at local hardware store in 13’x6’ sections)
Staple gun
Table saw
Tin snips
Ladder (or stepstool)



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  1. Measure the dimensions of the ceiling, and establish how many reed fences you will need.
  2. Start in one corner of the ceiling, and align the first few reeds up to where the wall meets the ceiling. Staple the reed fence to the ceiling with a staple gun centered over the woven wiring, which holds the reeds together.
  3. Work your reed fencing across the ceiling, stapling every 3 inches over the woven wiring to secure the reed fence in place.
  4. Once the first reed fence is up on the ceiling, measure the size of the remaining gap. Roll out a second reed fence on the floor. Measure and mark the amount of remaining reed fencing you will need, and use the tin snips to cut the woven wiring.
  5. Raise this short section of the reed fence to the ceiling where the last fence stops, and staple over the woven wiring to secure in place.
  6. Work across the ceiling, placing staples over the woven wiring every 3 inches to secure the reed fencing.

Tip: Have someone else hold up the opposite end of the reed fence so it doesn’t hang down and in your way.

Tip: If there is an alcove and you need to fill in extra reed fencing, measure the gap on the ceiling. Cut out a section of the reed fencing to these dimensions and staple this smaller section up in the same way you did the rest of the fencing across the ceiling. 

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This looks really fabulous. How long does this reed fence last. How do you dismantle it. Does it not attract insects and critters. If I knew the answers to this, would definitely try it out.

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