DIY Roman Blinds

DIY Roman Blinds

Home Made Simple designer Kenneth Wingard shows you how to make easy blinds.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Grommet set
4 Leather belts
Fabric tape
Measuring tape
Clothing iron
Crafts blade


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  1. Cut fabric to fit the pre-measured window dimensions with a 2” hem allowance
  2. Place the fabric tape on the inside of the hem, fold over it and use a clothing iron to secure it in place
  3. Repeat for all 4 sides
  4. Mark the position of your grommets, in this case, in the center of every green stripe
  5. Using a crafts blade, create holes about ½” wide at each grommet mark
  6. Using the grommet kit, fill the holes with grommets
    a. Place the smaller cylinder on the bottom
    b. Place the ring with the cone on top
    c. Put the hole in the fabric over the ring
    d. Place the other ring on top
    e. Using a hammer and the large cylinder, hammer the grommet together
  7. Repeat for all holes
  8. Roll the fabric and loop the belts around. Use one belt on each side

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