DIY Rustic Panel Art

DIY Rustic Panel Art

This project creates stylish, sophisticated wall art that is easy to make at home.

5 col


(8) 17” x 17” plywood (pre-cut and pre-sanded down)
Measuring stick
Painter’s tape
Stain (grey, driftwood)
(2) Paint brushes
(2) Dry rags
Stir stick


1. Measure to find the center of the square, and mark it with a diagonal line across the center. Next, measure 2 inches from either side of the center and mark with parallel diagonal lines. Continue to place lines every 2 inches across the entire board. This will serve as our blueprint for laying the painter’s tape


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2. Cover every line with painter’s tape

3. Put on the gloves and apply the driftwood stain first to every other space that is not covered by the tape. Follow with the grey stain, filling in the remaining empty spaces. Apply with the brush and wipe excess stain with the dry rag. Allow to dry for one hour

4. When the stain has dried, remove the painter’s tape. Repeat steps 1-3 for the remaining wood panels

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