DIY Seat Back Weave

DIY Seat Back Weave

Use Designer Kim Myles’ instructions to rejuvenate and old chair back with a fresh look.

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This project rejuvenates old chairs and can add a nice touch of color to your space with a little synthetic rope woven through the seat backs.

Chair(s) with 48-inch backs
100-foot synthetic rope (1 per chair)
1/2-inch screws (2 per chair)
1/2-inch flat washers (2 per chair)
1-yard fabric (1 yard per 2 chairs)
Staple gun


  1. Put on some gloves and use acetone and a rag to remove any old paint stains on chair
  2. Thread a 1/2-inch screw through washer then twist screw through one end of rope so that it’s holding it securely. The washers ensure the rope is held in place against the chair slat
  3. Anchor rope to the chair by drilling the 1/2-inch screw into bottom inside of chair slat to hide

  1. Thread other end of rope in and out of slats, creating an over/under pattern (see picture below). After you thread each row through the slats, be sure to pull rope completely through and make sure the rope is tight around slats

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  1. Continue to thread and tighten your pattern until you run out of rope
  2. When finished, hold the loose end of rope and spread out your weaving so that it is even throughout.

  1. Once your spacing is even throughout, anchor the loose end piece of rope with a 1/2-inch screw, washer, and drill in the top inside of a slat just as you did with the first end

Tip: If you want to complement your seat cushions to match your new seatbacks, try reupholstering them with your choice of fabric. Simply remove the seat from the chair, wrap the cushion tightly in your new fabric, and secure with staples all around the seat-bottom. Reattach the seat to the chair and you have a whole new look!

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