DIY Settee Bench

DIY Settee Bench

Convert an old coffee table into extra settee seating.

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Discover how to convert an old coffee table into a cozy settee bench, complete with a custom cushion and glass top.

Second-hand coffee table
Sheet of 1⁄2” plywood
Foam padding
Pane of Glass
2/3 of a yard of fabric
Spray paint (in desired color)
Spray adhesive
Staple gun
Self-adhering rubber glass feet
Box cutter


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  1. Cut the plywood sheet 4 inches shorter in width of your coffee table top and 3⁄4 of the length of the table. This will be the base of the bench. You can ask a local hardware store to cut the plywood for you.
  2. Have a glass store cut a flat piece of glass for the remaining 1⁄4 length of your bench, leaving a 2-inch border around it.
  3. In a well-ventilated area, spray paint the top of the glass and allow time to dry.
  4. Using a box cutter, cut the foam to the same dimensions as the plywood board. Once cut, spray adhesive on top of the foam and then flip it over, adhering it to the plywood. Make sure the edges are aligned.
  5. Cut the batting to the same size as the foam and plywood. Lay the batting on top of the foam.
  6. Lay the fabric flat out and face down on the floor or large working space. Place the batting, foam and plywood upside down onto the center of the fabric. The plywood should now be on top.
  7. Fold the edges of the fabric over onto the plywood and staple into place as you go (about every 8 inches).
  8. Turn the completed cushion over and place it onto the top of the bench, aligning the sides.
  9. With the now dried, painted glass pane, apply the self-adhering rubber glass feet to each corner of the painted side of the glass. Place the glass onto the table adjacent to the cushion, painted side down.

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