DIY Silhouette Pillowcases

DIY Silhouette Pillowcases

Use Designer Kenneth Wingard’s instructions to make custom pillowcases for the whole family.

5 col

18-by-18-inch prewashed and pre-ironed linen pillowcases — Any color
Pillow inserts — 18-by-18-inches for each pillow
Black felt fabric — 18-by-18-inches for each pillow
Fabric glue
Fabric pencil
Drawing paper roll
Painter’s tape

This project works best if there are at least three people:
Person A — Has their silhouette drawn
Person B — Holds the flashlight
Person C — Draws the silhouette


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  1. Tape an 18-by-18-inch piece of paper to a wall or door at the same head-height as Person A. Have Person A stand with one shoulder 6 inches from the wall so their head is aligned with the paper
  2. Darken the room by turning off lights and closing blinds. Person B should stand about 4 feet from Person A and shine a flashlight onto the side of their head. Person A’s profile shadow will be seen on the paper
  3. Person C traces around the profile shadow onto the paper to make a silhouette
  4. Remove the paper from the wall and cut out the silhouette
  5. Trace the silhouette onto the felt using a fabric pencil then cut it out with scissors
  6. Apply a line of glue onto the back of the felt silhouette around the edges and sparingly over the middle. Eyeball the center of the pillowcase and press the silhouette in place
  7. Once the glue is dry, slide the pillow insert into the new silhouette pillowcase
  8. Repeat Steps 1 to 7 for each pillow

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This looks like a great project to do with my grandkids. Can't wait to try it!

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