DIY Stenciled Area Rug

DIY Stenciled Area Rug

Use Designer Kenneth Wingard’s custom stencil instructions to dress up an area rug.

5 col

Add decorative hand-painted flair to a plain sisal rug simply by creating your own stencil.

White paper
Piece of chipboard
Utility knife
Sisal rug
Semi-gloss paint (color of your choice)



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  1. Choose the shape of the stencil and draw it on a piece of white paper. Cut the pattern out with scissors.

Tip: Pick a shape or pattern that will fit in a line across the width and height of your rug in neat rows and columns. Plan ahead so the rows and columns are spaced uniformly. 

  1. Trace the paper pattern on to a piece of chipboard, and cut it out using a utility knife to create a chipboard stencil.
  2. Position the chipboard stencil in one corner of the rug, and very lightly mark out the first column with a pencil. Move the chipboard stencil over and mark the second column. Continue moving across the top of the rug until all of the columns are marked. Go back to the original corner, and work your way down to mark all of the rows.
  3. Go back to the original corner, line the chipboard stencil up with the pencil mark and apply paint to the inside of the stencil with inward brush strokes. Work from the edge of the stencil in toward the middle. (Make sure to stay within the stencil lines as the paint may not come out.)
  4. Carefully lift the stencil straight up so you won’t drag paint or smear the shape you’ve just painted. Repeat the pattern until you’ve painted the pattern over the entire rug.
  5. Let the paint dry for several hours before moving or walking on the rug.

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