DIY Sunburst Stenciled Deck

DIY Sunburst Stenciled Deck

Stencil a beautiful design on your deck with Kenneth Wingard’s instructions.

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Freshen up your old deck flooring with a coat of paint. Then complete the look with a bright-and-sunny stencil.

Push broom
220-grit sandpaper
Paint pan
High-nap paint roller with long handle
Exterior deck paint with primer included (one base color; one accent color)
Cardboard sheet
Utility knife
Hole punch
Tape measure
Rag with mild soapy water
Deck sealant


To paint the deck:

  1. Clean the porch of any dust and loose dirt using the push broom. If the deck is exceptionally dirty, you should use a power washer to clean away all the dirt, dust and grime.
  2. Use a sander fitted with the 220-grit sand paper to remove any splinters and minor imperfections that may exist on the wood. Sweep away the sawdust with the push broom.
  3. Using the paint roller, roll on an even coat of the base color of deck paint. Allow time for the first coat to dry completely. We chose a bright yellow base color.
  4. Once the first coat has dried, add a second coat of the deck paint and allow time for this coat to dry completely.

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Tip: When painting the deck (or any floor) be sure to have an “exit strategy.” Start on the side of the room opposite where you need to exit and back yourself toward the exit.

To create the stencil:

  1. Using the scissors, cut a piece of 20”x20” cardboard large enough to create the desired image for the stencil. With the cardboard cut out, draw your desired image onto the face of the cardboard using the pencil. You can create whatever image you’d like. Use the scissors to cut out the image.
  2. Using a T-square and a pencil, draw a plus sign in the center of the cardboard square. This will create four equal squares on the piece of cardboard. The squares will help you center the drawing on the cardboard or evenly layout multiple images on the cardboard stencil.
  3. Using the pencil, create the stencil by drawing your desired design on the cardboard. Using the utility knife, carefully cut out the shape. The negative square of cardboard left behind will act as your stencil.

To apply the stencil:

  1. Using the hole punch, create a hole in each of the four corners of the cardboard stencil.
  2. Using the tape measure, measure the entire width and length of the floor. Mark the center point of these two measurements with the pencil and place the stencil centered on this mark. Starting in the middle of the floor and radiating outward will ensure even placement of each stencil across the span of the porch. Make a dot with the pencil in each of the four hole-punched corners. These dots will be your “markers” to help you line-up the stencil each time.
  3. With the cardboard stencil carefully laid down in the center of the floor, use the paintbrush to paint on the accent paint color (we used white) over the stencil. Once painted, promptly remove the stencil. We only applied one coat of this accent color, but feel free to paint on a second coat if you desire.
  4. Move the stencil over and align the punched holes directly side-by-side with the pencil “markers” you drew previously. Making sure that the previous pencil “markers” are sitting side-by-side to the punched holes will guarantee that your painted shapes will be aligned. Once the stencil has been put into place, paint on the accent color using the paintbrush.
  5. Repeat step 4 until the entire porch has been covered with the stencil.
  6. Once the stenciled patterns have completely dried, go through and erase all of the pencil marks you created earlier. A wet rag with mild soapy water or a regular pencil eraser will work well.
  7. Once the pencil lines have been erased, apply an even coat of the deck sealant to the newly painted deck in the same way you painted the floor with the base color of deck paint. Allow time for the sealant to completely dry and apply a second coat, allowing it time to completely dry as well.


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