DIY Tile Coasters

DIY Tile Coasters

This project creates a set of 6 decorative coasters that the whole family can help make.

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(6) White ceramic tiles
Permanent marker pens, colors of choice
Rubbing alcohol
Spray clear sealant
(24) Self-adhesive 1/2” cork pads


  1. Color the ceramic tiles with permanent marker pens either in blocks of color or scribbles using the colors of your choice (See images below)

Expert Tip: Black marker pens do not react with the rubbing alcohol. Only use black marker pens if you want a section to stay solid black.


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  1. Use a dropper to put droplets of rubbing alcohol onto the tiles. Start with 6 to 8 droplets and pick up the tile to help the rubbing alcohol move around the tile. The permanent marker will start to dissolve and the colors will blend together. Allow the rubbing alcohol to dry on the tiles for 1-2 hours before moving on to the next step (See images below)

Expert Tip: Allow the rubbing alcohol to dry for a minute or so and then add several more drops of rubbing alcohol to the tile to create different patterns.

  1. Put on a facemask. In a well-ventilated hour, spray a thin layer of clear sealant over the tiles. Allow the coat to dry and then apply an additional 1 to 2 coats. Dry times will vary. Check spray can for details (See image below)

  1. Place a self-adhesive 1/2” cork pad on each corner of the underside of the tile coasters

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