DIY Tropical Raffia Lamp

DIY Tropical Raffia Lamp

Follow designer Kim Myles’ steps to cover your floor lamp with a tropical hula skirt.

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Take a boring paper-shaded floor lamp and use a carefully trimmed hula skirt to make a vibrant lamp for the living room.

Raffia (hula skirt)
White paper tape (or a color that matches your lamp shade)
Hot glue gun
Paper-shaded floor lamp


  1. Lay out the raffia flat on a work table
  2. Place white tape across the raffia 4 inches from the top


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  1. Continue to place tape across the raffia 4 inches away from the last row of tape
  2. Flip the raffia over and mirror the tape on the other side. This will keep your raffia secure and in place. Don’t worry about seeing the tape, it will be covered when the project is completed
  3. Cut above each row of white tape to make strips of raffia with white tape on the top and raffia hanging from the white tape

  1. Place a bead of hot glue on the white tape on your first strip. Attach the strip around the bottom of the lamp and continue to wrap the lamp, adding hot glue every 5 inches
  2. Work your way up the lamp gluing strips of raffia. Be sure to cover the white tape on each row as you layer
  3. Once you reach the top, cut off any excess raffia
  4. Use extra raffia to fill in any spaces that need to be filled in

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