DIY TV Entertainment Center

DIY TV Entertainment Center

Create a TV cabinet from used furniture with the help of the Home Made Simple experts.

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Create a one-of-a-kind, custom entertainment center by painting a variety of second-hand furniture and mounting them to a wall.

Variety of second-hand shelves, side tables and crates
120-grit sandpaper
Damp rag
Semi-gloss paint (colors of your choice)
Paint brushes
(24) Wall mounting L-brackets
(24) 1 1⁄2” woodscrews
(24) 1⁄2” woodscrews



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  1. Arrange furniture pieces on the floor to stage how each piece will fit together on the wall. Try placing the heaviest items near the bottom and the lighter pieces toward the top.

Tip: If your furniture does not line up so one piece can rest on top of the others, hang the pieces so they are freestanding and spaced apart on the wall.

  1. Once you’re happy with the layout, sand each piece lightly to scuff up the surface with 120-grit sandpaper before painting, which will allow the paint to better adhere to the surface. Wipe every piece down with a damp rag to remove excess dust.
  2. Plan out what color to paint each piece, mixing and matching colors. Paint thoroughly using the semi-gloss paint and brush. Set aside to dry.
  3. Use a stud-finder to locate the studs in the wall where each custom piece will go, making up the entire custom TV cabinet. Mark each stud clearly with a pencil.
  4. Begin with the first row of furniture that will rest on the floor by putting each item into place along the wall, according to your planned layout on the floor.
  5. Place an L-bracket so one side is flush against the wall. Line the L-bracket up with the nearest stud, and drive 1 1⁄2” woodscrews through the screw holes in the bracket and into the wall.
  6. Drive 1⁄2” woodscrews through the screw holes in the other side of the bracket, and into the top of the furniture.
  7. Continue layering and stacking the furniture into place as you arranged it on the floor.
  8. Secure the rest of the pieces of furniture to the wall with 2 or more L-brackets per piece. (You may need to place the L-brackets underneath the furniture for better support for heavier pieces.) 

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