DIY Weekly Meal Planner

DIY Weekly Meal Planner

Create a chalkboard meal planner for the week with Kenneth Wingard’s instructions.

5 col

Plywood backboard
(7) Wood coasters
Chalkboard paint
Nail gun
(4) 2”x4” cut to size of frame
Hot glue gun & glue sticks


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  1. Cut plywood to fit back of frame
  2. Paint plywood with chalkboard paint. Let dry 30 minutes before applying second coat. After second coat, let dry for 2 hours (follow manufacturer’s instructions for precise dry time)
  3. Attach plywood to back of frame
  4. Using wood glue and a nail gun, attach the 2”x4” around the frame. This creates a larger frame, giving it a more artistic look. Flush the pieces of wood with the inside of the frame, add glue and then use the nail gun. Option: Paint frame and 2”x4” pieces of wood to match each other
  5. Paint days of the week on coasters
  6. Spread out the coasters vertically along the chalkboard painted area and, using a hot glue gun, glue coasters to board
  7. Write meals in chalk

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