DIY Wood Strip Paneling

DIY Wood Strip Paneling

Learn how to create a striking wood-paneled wall.

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Give a room depth and personality with custom wood paneling, stained in your desired color.  

2” x 2” x 8’ wood strips
(3) 1”x2” strips (the width of the wall)
Chop saw (optional)
100-Grit sandpaper
Wood stain (in desired color)
Old white T-shirt or cotton rag
Rubber or latex gloves
Chuck driver drill
Impact driver drill
1/8” drill bit
1 5/8” Wood screws
2 1⁄2” Wood screws



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  1. Measure the wall from floor to ceiling. This will be the length of each 2”x2” wood strip. You will be placing the strips about 1-inch apart, so be sure to have enough strips to cover the width of the wall.
  2. Prepare a clean working space and be sure to put on a pair of safety glasses. Using a chop saw, cut the strips to the height of the wall. Sand each one down with sandpaper until smooth all around.

Tip: If you do not have a chop saw, you can have your local hardware store cut the wood to your specific measurements.

  1. Cut three 1”x2” wood strips that you will place at the bottom, center and top of the wall horizontally. The 2”x2” strips will rest on top of these 1”x2” strips, giving the wall dimension.
  2. Sand and paint the 1”x2” strips the same color as the wall where they will be installed.
  3. Wearing a pair of rubber or latex gloves and using a cotton rag, apply the stain to each 2”x2” wood strip. Be sure to wipe along the grain of the wood, while making sure the stain is fully absorbed.
  4. Once the 1”x2” strips have fully dried, secure them horizontally to the wall, using 1 5/8” wood screws and impact driver drill. Space the screws 8” to 10” apart on wall studs. Be sure to use a level to make sure the strip will be installed perfectly horizontal on the wall.
  5. With the 1”x2” strips in place, you are ready to install the 2”x2”stained wood strips. Using the chuck driver drill and 1/8” drill bit, create three pilot holes that will make installing the wood strips easier and will prevent splitting of the wood. The holes should be at the top, middle and bottom of the strip—positioned right on top of the already installed 1x2” strips.
  6. Place the first 2”x2” strip into place in the corner where the wall you are paneling meets the adjacent wall. Using the impact driver and (3) 21⁄2” wood screws, place the first screw into the bottom pilot hole and screw into place. Place the remaining two screws into the other pilot holes and screw into place.
  7. With the first 2x2” stained strip installed, place a 1”x2”woodblock flush to the bottom of the strip. Begin installing the second 2”x2” strip starting from the bottom, and using the 1”x2” block as a guide to ensure your spacing is uniform all the way up the wall. Continue this process with the remaining wood strips until the entire wall is covered in wood strip paneling.

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