DIY Wooden Accent Wall

DIY Wooden Accent Wall

Add some visual interest to a blank all by attaching dyed wooden shims in a decorative way.

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By staining and painting wooden shims and attaching them to a wall we make a magnificent accent wall for our room.

Wood shims (Our 9-by-7-foot wall required around 700 or 11 per square foot)
(3) Paintbrushes
Rubber gloves
Safety mask
Dark stain wood finish
Medium stain wood finish
White semi-gloss interior paint
Staple gun
(11) 1/2-inch staples
Craft knife
4-foot Level
Caulking gun with interior construction adhesive
Measuring tape
Large heavy-duty drop cloth


Staining the Shims

  1. In a spacious and well-ventilated area, lay down a large heavy-duty drop cloth to prepare for painting and staining your shims
  2. Put on your safety mask and gloves. Lay out (25) shims on the drop cloth, and paint these shims white using your paint brush and white interior paint. You only need a small amount of white shims since these will be accent pieces

Tip: When staining or painting your shims, make sure to paint or stain the sides as the shim gets to its thickest end. It will look more professional when the sides of the shims are exposed

  1. With your dark stain wood finish and a new paintbrush, stain around (330) shims. Don’t forget to wear your mask and rubber gloves
  2. Stain around another (330) shims in the medium wood finish with a new paintbrush. Allow the shims to dry before moving on

Applying Shims to the Wall


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  1. You will need to mark a “control line” on your wall that will ensure your shims are level and also guide your placement. To do this, use your level and draw a straight horizontal line with a pencil near the middle of your wall
  2. When applying the shims to the wall, the pattern should be as follows:
    1. For each horizontal row your shims should all be facing the same direction (i.e. the thick side to the left and the thin side to the right)
    2. The row above and below should be opposite to the row in the middle (i.e. middle row thick to thin, above row thin to thick, below row thin to thick)
    3. Each row of shims should be off center of the row above like the pattern of a brick wall
    4. The placement of the different color shims should be random and not uniform. As a general rule it is best not to have more than three of the same color placed side by side. Try to avoid alternating the colors every other shim (i.e. dark, medium, dark, medium, dark)
    5. The placement of the white shims should also be random remembering to keep them spaced out

  1. Using the indoor construction adhesive in your caulking gun, make two small dots of adhesive (one on the thick end and one on the thin end) on the backside of one of your shims. Place the shim on the right side of the wall so that the bottom of the shim is level with the control line. Place a staple in the middle of the shim using the staple gun to staple the shim to the wall

Tip: Stapling the shims to the control line will provide stability for the rest of the shims and avoid any sagging that would otherwise occur.

  1. Finish gluing and stapling your control line shims. When you reach the end, if the last shim doesn’t line up with the edge of your wall, simply measure the gap between the edge of the wall and you’re the last placed shim. Then measure that distance on your remaining shim and cut it to size with a craft knife (shims are very easy to cut and you shouldn’t need anything more than a craft knife to cut them)
  2. Continue applying shims upward, one row on top of the next remembering to use the pattern guide above. When working on rows downward from the control line, start below the control line and work downward. When applying the rest of the shims, no staples are needed, just the indoor construction adhesive. The stapled control line will prevent sagging from the shims at the top of the wall and the bottom of your wall will act as a second control line for the bottom half of the wall

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