DJ Crate Coffee Table

Carmen De La Paz shows you how to make a DJ crate coffee table.

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((CARMEN DE LA PAZ)) What we’re gonna do with all these things you see on the table is we’re gonna make it into a coffee table for you.

((MALCOLM)) It sounds cool.

((CARMEN)) This is also gonna serve as double storage because we’re going to keep it in tact so that the inside you can still access it and store whatever you want inside of it.

((MALCOLM)) Awesome.

((CARMEN)) So, for the coffee table we’re gonna need the following things: a DJ turn table case used, acrylic glass, castors. You’re also going to need red and black paint. So, to make the coffee table the steps are the following; we’re gonna start with our acrylic glass. And first you wanna mark all four corners a quarter of an inch in to determine where we are going to pre-drill our holes.

So, the whole trick about acrylic is that you don’t wanna blow out the backside. So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go to this depth on all four sides. And then we’ll flip it over, we’ll be able to see where it goes and we’ll have a perfectly clean hole.

((MALCOLM)) Okay.

((CARMEN)) Then we’re gonna take the acrylic glass that we bore our holes in and we’re going to center it on top of our case. Because we have holes, we’ll be able to determine exactly where we wanna pre-drill into our case so that we can marry the glass to the case using the standups.

But before we do that, we wanna spray paint the whole top of the acrylic glass in red. Isn’t that pretty?

((MALCOLM)) It is.

((CARMEN)) Nice.

((MALCOLM)) Nice shade!

((CARMEN)) And so then we’re gonna set the glass aside and let it dry. And we’ll turn the whole thing upside down because what we wanna do, from the underside what we’ll do first is we will pre-drill in order to install our legs. And then we’ll install our legs from the inside, screwing them in all four corners.

Perfect! Nice! Let’s see, it hit? Yes!

((MALCOLM)) Yeah!

((CARMEN)) Now that it has the four legs adhered to the bottom, we’re going to screw in our castors directly into our legs.


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Now, the cool thing is that we painted from underneath, right? So, if we flip it over.

((MALCOLM)) Oohh..

((CARMEN)) Here we go together and – so, what’s gonna happen is see how it’s clear on top?

((MALCOLM)) Yeah.

((CARMEN)) It looks like the whole acrylic glass has been covered, but the truth of the matter is, we’ve only painted it from the bottom.


((CARMEN)) Isn’t that cool?

((MALCOLM)) That is cool.

((CARMEN)) I like your face, you look happy, Young Man!

((MALCOLM))  I am happy!

((CARMEN)) Awesome! Cool! So now, we will lock it into place and then we’re going to secure our acrylic glass using the glass standoff mechanism.

So, now we’re just gonna install the last standoff. Here we go. Yes!

Take our little nut on this end and go ahead and screw them on the bottom side.

Put it together. Great. That is mad cool! Isn’t it?

((MALCOLM)) I love it!

((CARMEN)) Awesome! 

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