Easy Pet Hair Cleanup

Kim Myles shows you an easy way to get pet hair out of upholstery. Check it out!

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((KIM MYLES)) I’m gonna show you a simple way to remove pet hair from your furniture. It couldn’t be easier. Look, if you’re anything like me, you live with pets, and that means that pet hair is part of your décor whether you like it or not.


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So, instead of using lint rollers which can be super wasteful, and you go through sheet after sheet after sheet. Lemme show you how easy this little lifehack is. You use kitchen gloves, and a bowl of water. Now, all you do is you take the wet glove. Look at that. Just run the wet glove over the surface of the upholstery. It does not get simpler than that.

So, get to it, and I promise you the de-furring process will actually be fun. 

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