Embellished Crown Molding

Embellished Crown Molding

Use Carpenter David Leon’s instructions to make your own crown molding.

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In this project we add a border of chair railing around our room. With the existing molding and a fresh coat of paint, we bring a feeling of elegance to the room.

(10) 8-foot pieces of pre-painted (white) chair railing
Compound miter saw
Safety glasses
Wood putty
Wood caulking
Medium nails
Interior gloss white paint
Measuring tape
120-grit sandpaper


Note: The exact measurements written are based on room dimensions of 18’6” x 14.’ Please use the diagram below as a guide for scaling your measurements to your space.

  1. Measure the width and length dimensions of your room. Find the middle-points of your long walls and mark them with a pencil. We determined that we would need 10 pieces of chair railing at different lengths based on the size of our room (18’6” x 14’)
  2. Now we have 10 pieces of 8-foot chair railing and we need to cut them to size. Instead of cutting the pieces straight we will cut them at 45-degree angles using a miter saw. It is important that we know the difference between an open cut and a closed cut

Here are the measurements with the type of cuts you’ll need:

- (2) 8-foot pieces with open cuts

- (2) 8-foot pieces with closed cuts


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- (4) 5’ 1/4” pieces with open cuts

- (1) 6-foot piece with an open cut on the left side and a closed cut on the right side

- (1) 6-foot piece with and closed cut on the left side and an open cut on the right side

  1. Take (2) 8-foot pieces of chair railing with closed cuts and mark their center, or 4 feet from either end
  2. Now find the center of your longest wall. On the 18’ 6” sides of your wall, measure 9’ 3” from the corner and make a mark. Line up the middle of your 8-foot pieces with the closed cuts where you marked the center earlier
  3. Nail in the 8-foot pieces that you just lined up leaving a 3-inch gap from the ceiling or the existing crown molding (see image below)

Tip: Cut a 3-inch block of wood to use as a spacer, and then move it between your chair railing and your crown molding to maintain a consistent 3-inch gap.

  1. Now add the 5’ 1/4” pieces. Line them up to the existing 8-foot pieces. Nail in the chair railing, remembering to leave a 3-inch gap to the crown molding
  2. Do the same for the 14-foot sides of the wall; add your 8-foot piece and 6-foot piece. Make sure the open cut that is on your 6-foot piece is in the corner
  3. Once it is all nailed in, go back and cover any nail holes with wood putty
  4. Using fine sandpaper, sand away any excess wood putty
  5. Use your painter’s tape to mask off below the chair railing and above the crown molding to ensure that no paint gets on the wall or the ceiling
  6. Use your interior white gloss paint and paint the chair railing, the 3-inch gap of wall and the crown molding

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