Etched Dish Soap Dispenser

Etched Dish Soap Dispenser

This project creates a stylish label for an easy-to-grab and functional soap dispenser.

5 col


Glass oil bottle
Painter’s tape
Alphabet stickers
Craft blade
Rubber gloves
Etching cream
Art brushes
Glass etcher, medium-sized
Dawn dish soap


1. Cut out the words “dish soap” from the vinyl lettering

2. Apply painter’s tape around the lower area of neck of the bottle. This helps protect the glass from the etching formula


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3. Arrange the letters for the word “dish” and “soap” on the table, making sure the edges are straight. Peel off and apply carefully to the bottle. Apply painter’s tape around the letters, covering all gaps

4. Peel the black letters away carefully with a craft blade. This provides us with negative space

5. Put on the gloves for safety and apply the etching cream. Dip the brush and dab on the lettering carefully. Avoid contact with the blue tape

6. Once the words “dish soap” are covered with the etching cream, let stand for 5 minutes and then wipe away the cream with a wet rag before peeling the tape off carefully. Fill the bottle with soap

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