Fabric Wall Art

Fabric Wall Art

Fabric wall panels disguise flawed walls and become instant art.

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Fabric panels are a clever way to disguise an unattractive indoor wall or can be used to create extra privacy on an outdoor patio. Not to mention, they also serve as wall art. Here’s how to make them on your own.

Indoor or outdoor canvas fabric
(2) 5/8-by- 48 inch dowel rods
Sewing machine and thread (Or just a needle and thread)
Twine or ribbon, 60 inches long
(1) 2 1⁄2-inch nail
Tape measure
Fabric scissors


  1. Use the sewing machine to hem the raw side edges of fabric, making the total fabric panel width 45 inches

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Tip: If you only have needle and thread, you can hem the raw edges of the fabric using a basic running stitch or slipstitch.

  1. With the tape measure, lay the fabric out and measure it to the length desired for the panel. Lay a ruler down where you’d like to cut, and draw a straight line with the pen. Using the fabric scissors cut the fabric along the line
  2. Lay the fabric printed side down and fold the top and bottom edges over to create two 4 inch pockets, where you will later insert the dowels. Sew these folded edges down, along the width of the fold, using the sewing machine or needle and thread

Tip: To ensure you have a straight and perfect fold, measure the fold from top to bottom on both the left and right side of the fabric. The measurement on both sides should be equal.

  1. Insert the two dowels into the pockets you created. Cut two equal lengths of the twine or ribbon. On one exposed side of the top dowel rod, use one piece of twine or ribbon and tie both ends to the same location, creating a loop. Repeat on the opposite side of the rod with the other piece of twine. Use these loops and two nails to hang the fabric panel on the wall in your desired location

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