Fallen Tree Coffee Table

Fallen Tree Coffee Table

This rustic yet modern coffee table uses wood from a fallen tree for its top.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Hewn tree plank, pre-cut at hardware stores or lumber yards
60-grit sandpaper
Drill with pre-drill bit
(4) Hairpin table legs
Box of #6 flat screws
Dry painter’s rags
Teak oil


1. Sand away the rough edges of the table top with a sander and 60-grit sandpaper

2. Place the legs about 1"–2" away from the edges of the table. Use a 1" drill bit to pre-drill pilot holes through the holes of the table legs


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3. Carefully drill three screws in the top, middle and bottom of each table leg

Expert Tip: Drill slowly to prevent the screws from splitting the wood.

4. Turn the table over, and straddle the legs over the working table. Apply approximately 2 tablespoons of teak oil to a dry rag. Apply the oil in the direction of the grain. Allow to dry for two to four hours

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