Family Wood Portraits

Family Wood Portraits

Display family portraits on rustic slices of wood.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

8" × 10" portrait on printer paper
Raw wood slice
Heavy-body translucent gel
Polyurethane sealer
Water in spray bottle
Sponge brushes
Paint tray
Paint rollers


1. Apply the heavy-body translucent gel directly onto the wood slice using the sponge brush. Apply a thick, even coat onto the wood

2. Gently apply the 8" × 10" printed photo to the wood, face down – make sure the photo is centered on the wood slice

3. Press firmly on the printed portrait to remove any bubbles

4. Let dry for 12 hours

5. Generously spray water onto the dried picture. Make sure it’s fully saturate

6. Use the rag or your hands to completely rub the paper off the wood

7. Pour the polyurethane sealer onto the paint tray and apply it to the wood with the paint roller

8. Let dry for an hour


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what kind of printer paper should you use, glossy, matte.......?

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