Faux Built In Library

Faux Built In Library

Transform 3 simple bookcases into one custom-built library wall.

5 col

Difficulty: Medium

(3) Pre-built bookcases
Vintage doorknobs
(8) 2” wood screws
Drill gun
Screw gun
(2) Wall anchors
(2) 1½” screws
(2) Molding (pre-cut to combined length of bookcases)
(4) Molding (pre-cut to height of shelving part bookcases)
(5) Molding (pre-cut to length of shelves)
Nail gun with 1½” brad nails 18-gauge
Doorknob template
Safety glasses


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  1. Arrange the bookcases on the wall in the desired configuration and clamp them together
  2. Screw the bookcases together using (8) 2” wood screws. Screw them in in the top and bottom parts, as well as front (closer to you) and back (closer to the wall) of each bookcase connection
  3. Secure the bookcases to the wall using (2) wall anchors and (2) 1½” screws. Screw them into the wall and the top of the bookcase (close to each corner)
  4. Add the molding to the face of the bookcase. This will cover the connecting parts, giving the impression it is just one massive bookcase
  5. Start with the horizontal top and bottom molding. Using a nail gun, nail the molding in the ends and center, and then every 6”
  6. Now, add the vertical molding, using the same technique you did for the horizontal molding
  7. Using a doorknob template, measure where you want the door handles to go on the doors, mark it with a screw driver
  8. Use a drill gun to drill through the doors
  9. Attach door handles

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