Faux Capiz Chandelier

Faux Capiz Chandelier

Use inexpensive wax paper to create a stunning faux capiz chandelier.

5 col

A chandelier so gorgeous, guests will be amazed it’s made from a hula-hoop and wax paper. Hang it over an existing light fixture to instantly add impact to a room.

White spray paint
1 large hula-hoop
10 rolls of wax paper
1 roll of parchment paper
Slide paper cutter (or scissors)
Hot glue gun
Clear office tape


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  1. Spray paint the hula-hoop white, and set it to the side to dry.
  2. Tear off 3 sheets of wax paper roughly 12 inches in length. Sandwich the sheets together between two pieces of parchment paper. Iron over the parchment paper to fuse the wax paper sheets together. (The parchment paper is used so that the wax paper does not melt to the iron.) Set the fused wax paper sheet off to the side to cool. Repeat this step until you have 12 to 15 fused wax sheets.
  3. Run the fused wax paper sheets thru a slide paper cutter to cut out 1”x4” strips. (One 12”x12” sheet should make 36 strips.)
  4. Cut a 24” strip of ribbon and lay it out flat. Place two small beads of hot glue at one end of the ribbon. Line up one of the 1”x4” cut strips so that the ribbon runs right down the middle of the strip (long-ways). Press the wax paper down on the ribbon until the glue cools, starting the wax paper garland.
  5. Leave a 1” gap on the ribbon and then hot glue another 4” strip. Repeat this step until the ribbon is fully covered in wax paper strips. Repeat until you have enough garland strips to cover the hula-hoop.
  6. Place a small bead of hot glue on the outside of the hula-hoop. Press the end of one garland to the glue. Place a second bead of hot glue right next to the first strip, and press another strip of garland to the hula- hoop. Repeat this step, creating a curtain of “capiz” around the hoop.
  7. Measure the circumference of the hula-hoop, and the desired height of the lampshade. Iron pieces of wax paper together by overlapping the wax paper sheets several inches. (Make sure to place the wax paper between parchment paper so the wax paper does not melt to the iron.) Continue overlapping and ironing the sheets together until you have a “skirt” that equals the circumference of the hula-hoop, and is the desired height of the lampshade.
  8. Tape the wax paper skirt to the interior of the hula-hoop to make sure it is the right height. Cut off any excess that you need to, and then hot glue the skirt around the inside of the hula-hoop.
  9. Hang the hula-hoop around the existing light fixture using fishing wire and an S-hook. Secure the S-hook up high on the existing light fixture chain.


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