Faux Molding Accents

Faux Molding Accents

Paint a molding design on your walls to replicate this classic look.

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Give a room a designer’s touch with faux molding accents on the walls. It’s easy to create with a can of interior paint.

Interior semi gloss latex paint
Painter’s tape
Craft glue
Measuring tape
Sponge paintbrushes


  1. Determine how large you want each square accent to be. Measure and tape off the “molding” pattern on the walls using the painter’s tape
  2. Use the level to guarantee each side of the taped box is perfectly horizontal/vertical. Space each square about 6 inches apart and use the level to guarantee each box is placed evenly with the next

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Tip: Use the scissors to cut these first pieces of tape to guarantee the lines will be straight.

  1. With the taped squares on the wall, add tape to both the inner and outer sides of the initial taped box. These inner and outer tape pieces will create the straight lines needed without using the measuring tape for each line. You do not necessarily need to cut these outer pieces of tape with the scissors
  2. Once the inner and outer tape pieces have been applied, pull the center tape off to expose the wall in the center of the taped border where you will apply the paint
  3. Use the craft glue to create a 2-to-1 mixture of craft glue and water. Use the sponge paintbrush to paint this mixture onto the exposed wall in the center of the border. Allow time for the glue to dry completely

Tip: This is a very important step because it will create a strong, invisible seal between the tape and wall, and will ensure razor sharp, crisp paint lines once you apply the paint. This will eliminate bleed through and the need for touch ups.

  1. Once the water and glue mixture has dried completely, paint in the molding using a separate sponge paintbrush and the semi-gloss latex paint. Wait about 10 minutes before painting a second coat
  2. After you paint on the second coat, wait about 10 minutes before carefully removing the painter’s tape
  3. Once you have painted the first “molding,” repeat steps 2 to 6 to paint in the others around your room

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