Faux Painted Rug

Faux Painted Rug

Use designer Kenneth Wingard’s simple instructions for painting a rug that’s perfect for any spot.

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This project will create a faux rug using paint applied directly onto a concrete painted floor.

Porch and patio floor paint – Choose 4 colors (1 base, 1 primary, 2 accent)
Paint roller with extension pole
(4) Paint trays
(4) 1” paintbrushes
Painter’s tape
Drywall T-square
Tape measure
Salad plate
16 ounce paper cup
Large eraser
Clear polyurethane


Optional: Paint your concrete floor a solid color using porch and paint floor paint. Allow to dry before creating the painted rug.

Marking out the rug: See diagram below as a guide for Steps 1 to 9

Marking the rug perimeter:

  1. Use a tape measure to mark out the perimeter of a rectangle that works for your floor space. This will be the outermost edge of your rug. There is no right or wrong size. Mark on the floor with a pencil your four corners. Use a drywall T-square at the corners to make sure the sides are at 90-degree angles to each other
  2. Lay down painter’s tape in a rectangle on the floor using the pencil marks as a guide

Tip: Be sure to press down the tape firmly with you fingers to help ensure no paint bleeds under the edges.

  1. Fill a paint tray with the base color and roll it onto the floor within the taped rectangle until it is filled. Using the extension pole with the roller will allow you to have a better reach when applying the paint. Wait for the paint to dry before moving onto the next step

Marking the inner rectangle:

  1. Measure 3 inches in from the edge of the first rectangle and lay down a second line of painter’s tape parallel with the edge. Repeat on all four sides, creating a second rectangle inside the first one. Overlap the tape at the four corners. See image below

  1. Measure 1 inch in from the rectangle with overlapping corners and lay down a third rectangle of painter’s tape parallel with the edges. Repeat on all four sides. Note that any part of the design that is covered with painter’s tape will remain the base color

Marking the circles:


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  1. A salad plate is going to be used to make a circle pattern around the rug. Take the salad plate and place it in one corner of the third rectangle. Trace around it with a pencil to make a circle. Repeat in all four corners
  2. Pick one corner and place the salad plate down next to the corner circle, overlapping it by 1 inch and trace around it. Use an eraser to remove the pencil lines where the circles intersect. Continue overlapping circles until all for sides of the rectangle are filled
  3. Once all the salad plate circles are drawn, go back to each one and trace around the base of a paper cup in the center to make inner circles. This doesn’t need to be precise, just use your best judgment. See image below:

  1. Once all the circles are drawn, a fourth and final rectangle will be added to complete the design. Using the edge of the circles as a guideline, lay painter’s tape in a rectangle in the center of the rug

Painting the rug:

  1. Now that the design is laid down, decide which paint colors you want to use on each design element. Use your primary paint color for the center of the rug, one accent color for the larger circles and one accent color for the small circles
  2. Pour your chosen paints into separate paint trays. Use a roller with an extension handle to fill in the center rectangle of the rug. Use a small paint roller for painting within the tapelines on long, narrow stretches. Use a 1-inch paintbrush to paint within the lines of smaller design elements, especially within the circles

Tip: For painting a circle, paint around the inner edge first, and then fill it in with paint.

  1. Once all the paint is dry, carefully remove all the painter’s tape
  2. Along the shorter two sides of the painted rug, paint a fringe. See image below:

  1. To seal the rug, roll clear polyurethane over the entire floor and allow to dry completely before use

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