faux reclaimed wood art around television

Faux Reclaimed Wood Art

Use faux reclaimed wood to highlight a television or other wall-mounted object.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

(12) pine wood panels, size determined by object you are framing
2 steel wool pads
3 cups strong instant coffee
2 misting bottles
Cold water for misting bottles
1 gallon white vinegar
Latex gloves
Nail gun
2" nail gun brads
Chop saw


1. Create ebonizing solution using steel wool and vinegar. Loosen up two pieces of steel wool by lightly pulling it apart. Add steel wool to white vinegar and let sit for 24 to 48 hours
2. Cut wood to size (or purchase precut from a hardware store). This will be determined by the size of the object you are framing. We used 12 wood panels measuring 42" × 4" × 1"

3. Sprinkle pebbles or small rocks along the surface of the wood, place another piece of wood on top and grind the wood pieces together. This will create texture and marks for the stain to seep into

4. Pour instant coffee and cold water into a mister bottle and spray onto all sides of the wood

5. Dab wood with a towel and let dry completely

6. Using latex gloves, spray the wood pieces with ebonizing solution and let dry

7. Once all boards are dry, create a frame pattern relative to what you are framing

8. Install using a nail gun and level


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