Fireplace Makeover with Metal Grille Candle Holders

Fireplace Makeover with Metal Grille Candle Holders

Give an old, outdated fireplace a new sleek, refreshed look.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

White fireproof paint
Painter’s tape
Paper floor protection
Decorative perforated sheet metal in 3 to 4 different patterns
Tin snips
Clothespins or clamp
Wire with brass finish
Battery-operated candles in 3 varying heights
Batteries for candles


Prepare the Fireplace

1. Clean the area of dust to prepare for paint. Lay down floor protection paper, and secure with painter’s tape

2. Paint inside any cracks on the fireplace

3. Once all cracks are painted, continue painting the entire fireplace

Designer Tip: Use a second paint color to highlight fireplace accents if desired

Prepare the Decorative Grilles

Designer Tip: Because these decorative grilles use battery-operated candles, they are safe for children and pets!

4. Lay each candle on top of the decorative sheet metal, mark where the tin should be cut, and cut using tin snips. Be sure to overlap the ends of the sheet metal, and save excess for smaller candles

5. Using the copper wire as thread, secure the two overlapping ends of the sheet metal together through the holes in the sheet

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all remaining candles

7. Place candles on fireplace in a decorative fashion

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