Folding Chair Art

Folding Chair Art

Vintage door handle plates get a new lease on life as a storage option for folding chairs.

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Difficulty: Easy

(2) Folding chairs with pre-cut notch at the top of the backrest
(2) Vintage door handle plates with a keyhole
(4) Decorative doorknobs with metal screw backings
(20) ½" Self-adhesive furniture bumpers
Black acrylic paint
1" Paintbrush
Dry rag
Drill with Phillips head bit
(8) 2" Wood screws
(8) 2" self-anchoring drywall screws (see step 9)
Small level
Tape measure


Dry Brush Technique to Age Door Handles

1. Dip the paintbrush in the black acrylic paint, and then blot the brush on a dry rag. This will leave only a thin coat of paint on the brush

2. Dust a vintage doorknob with the paintbrush. The paint will lightly cover parts of the doorknob, giving it an aged appearance

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for aging the remaining three doorknobs and two door handle plates. Allow the paint to dry for approximately 15 – 20 minutes or until dry to the touch before moving on to the next steps

Assembling the Door Handles

4. Place a metal screw backing through the back of the door handle plate. Screw a doorknob onto the backing

5. Place a second metal screw backing through the keyhole on the door handle plate. Screw a second doorknob onto the backing


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6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 to assemble a second door handle

Mounting the Door Handle Plates on the Wall

7. Use a tape measure to measure 50" from the floor up the wall. Mark the point with a pencil – this will determine placement for the doorknobs, giving enough floor clearance to hang a folding chair

8. Hold a door handle plate against the wall at the pencil mark from step 7. Place a small level next to it to make sure it’s straight. Mark the four screw holes in the door handle plate with a pencil. Set the plate to the side

9. Using a drill with a Phillips head bit, drill four self-anchoring drywall screws through each pencil mark from step 8

Expert Tip: If your wall is not drywall, step 9 can be skipped. You will know immediately if your wall is made of something other than drywall if you try to drill in a drywall anchor and it hits something hard in the wall. If this happens, you do not need drywall anchors and can move on to step 10

10. Hold the door handle plate up to the wall in line with the pencil marks from step 8 (or the drywall anchors from step 9)

11. Using a drill with a Phillips head bit, secure the door handle plate to the wall with four 2" wood screws

12. Repeat steps 7 – 11 for mounting a second door handle plate to the wall

13. Before hanging the folding chairs on the doorknobs, evenly space five ½" self-adhesive furniture bumpers along the back of each chair leg that will touch the wall (10 per chair) to protect the wall from scuffs

14. Hang a chair by its notch on a doorknob (See image below)

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