Food Coloring Canvas

Food Coloring Canvas

Create a unique art piece using an item you already have in your house: food coloring!

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Pine wood – 50" × 40" (for frame)
Wood stain
Dry rag
Rubber gloves
Plastic cups
Water-based white paint
Gel food coloring (various colors)
Whisk for mixing
Gold leaf
Spray adhesive
Large canvas
Chip brush
¾" fine painting brush
Nail gun
Brad nails
Picture hanging kit


Preparing the Wood Frame

1. If needed, prepare the wood pieces by applying wood stain with a dry rag. Be sure to wear rubber gloves

2. Allow to dry

Creating the Canvas Art

3. Pour white paint into separate plastic cups

4. Add various food coloring to white paint

5. Mix well with paint stirrer or whisk

Designer Tips: Using a paint stick will create a marbleized look; using a whisk to mix creates a more concentrated color. You can combine different colors for adjusted hues

6. First, apply the gold leaf. The gold leaf will stick to where the adhesive is. Spray adhesive onto the canvas where you would like the gold leaf placed

7. Use a chip brush to pat the gold leaf onto the adhesive, and brush away what you don’t want

8. Continue steps 5 and 6 until the desired amount of gold leaf is applied

9. Now it’s time to add color. Paint desired colors with a paintbrush, and blend together to create a watercolor effect. Do not paint over the gold leaf

10. Apply pre-cut and stained wood to create a frame around the canvas. Add a line of wood glue along one side of a wood piece, and attach it to the canvas. Repeat for all wood pieces until the frame is complete

11. Secure the frame in place with the nail gun and brad nails

12. Hang on a wall with a hanging kit

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