Framed Father and Son Letterman Jackets

Framed Father and Son Letterman Jackets

Create a thoughtful display frame for two letterman jackets.

5 col

Difficulty: Intermediate

(2) Letterman jackets
(1) 5" × 28" × 37" shadow box
3½" × 27" pre-painted black wood plank for header
Tension board, cut to width of jacket shoulders
3½" × 27" wood plank
(2) 3" wood screws
Fabric letters
Hot glue gun and hot glue
(3) LED puck lights
Drill driver
Pneumatic nail gun
18-gauge finishing nails


1. Fold each Letterman jacket in half vertically. Place both jackets inside the shadow box

2. Insert the tension board. It should be placed from shoulder to shoulder to hold the jackets in place

3. After the tension board is placed, adjust the jackets to make a clear space between them for the screws

4. Use the measuring tape and pencil to mark on the side of the box where the tension board sits so you can accurately line up the wood plank that will go behind it


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5. Place the 3½" × 27" wood plank behind the shadow box, lining it up with the mark on the side

Note : This wood plank is being used so the wood screws have something to go through and won’t hang out of the shadow box.

6. Drill two 3" wood screws into the tension board, making sure they go through the wood plank in the back

Note : Make sure the screws do not go through the jackets – that’s why it’s important to make sure there’s enough space in between them to accommodate the screws.

7. Button up the jackets to hide the tension board.

8. Add three LED puck lights to the top of the shadow box. These lights are peel-and-stick, so no glue is required
9. Place the 3½" × 27" pre-painted black header at the top of the shadow box, and then insert 18-gauge finishing nails with the pneumatic nail gun around the sides and at the top about every 2"

10. Finally, use a hot glue gun and hot glue to apply fabric letters to the header

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