French Container Garden

French Container Garden

Take a standard galvanized metal pot and turn them into a French inspired container garden.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

(3) Galvanized metal pots – sizes of your choice
White candle or wax bar
Wool wire pad
2” Paintbrush
Milk Paint – Color of choice
Dry rag
Decorative labels – 1 per pot
Marker pen
Potting soil
Assortment of potting plants – e.g./ Lavender, Rosemary, Mexican Heather
Sheet of packing paper



1. Take your pots and rub all over the outside surface with wire wool to scratch and scuff up the surface. This will help the paint stick better in later steps

2. Rub a white candle or wax bar sparingly over the surface of each pot. Wherever you rub the wax, the paint won’t stick, creating an older, antique look once the paint is applied

3. Brush paint onto a pot in sections approximately 9” x 9” and rub off excess paint immediately with a dry rag. Continue applying paint in sections and rubbing off the excess until the whole pot is painted. Allow paint to dry before moving onto the next step (See image below)


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4. Write the names of your plants on decorative labels with a marker, one per label, and stick one on each pot


5. Rip off pieces of packing paper about 1sq’ and crumple it up in the bottom of each pot. It should take up about a quarter of the pot space. This will help with water drainage for your plant

6. Pour potting soil into each pot, just enough to cover the crumpled paper

7. Remove your first plant from its temporary plastic pot and gently massage the soil around its roots. This will help loosen the soil so the plant is able to take root more easily in its new pot

8. Place the plant in the pot with the corresponding name label and add more potting soil around it until the pot is filled with soil

9. Lightly water the plant

10. Repeat Steps 7 – 9 for each plant to complete your French container garden

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