Gilded Hanging Art

Gilded Hanging Art

Use designer Kenneth Wingard’s instructions to create a beautiful hanging art feature.

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Note: This project creates a single decoration. Additional supplies are needed to make three decorations as shown.

(2) Recycled phonebook or a thick instruction manual
Hot glue gun with glue sticks
6-foot silk rope (any color)
Gold guild paint
Dry rag
(2) 1-inch diameter bead
Spool of 16-gauge gold jewelry wire
Decorative gold ring – 3-inch diameter
2-inch screw hook for hanging
Stud finder


  1. Take your repurposed phonebook and fold every page into a triangle shape, with half the page folded forward and half the page folded backwards to make a triangle. Repeat for the second phonebook

  1. Once every page is folded, apply gold guild paint to the edges with a dry rag and allow paint to dry

Assembling your art:


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  1. String a large bead and a decorative gold ring onto one end of the silk rope then loop 4 inches of rope back through the bead. To secure the ring, tightly wrap gold jewelry wire around the rope. This will be the bottom of the decoration

  1. Take one phonebook and lay the rope along its spine so the bead is flush with the bottom edge. Apply a very generous amount of hot glue all along the spine and over and around the rope, then press the second phonebook’s spine on top of it. The rope will now be securely sealed inside
  2. Thread a bead onto the other end of the rope and pull it down flush with the top of the phonebooks. Add a little glue to hold it in place. Wrap gold jewelry wire around the rope above the bead to complete the decoration

Hanging your art:

  1. Use a stud finder to locate a ceiling beam where you want to hang your decoration and screw in a 2” screw hook
  2. Decide how long you want the rope to be, tie a loop knot into it and hang the decoration on the hook. If there is excess rope, twist it around the hanging rope as an additional design element

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