Glass Wall Calendar

Glass Wall Calendar

This project provides a chic way to remember important dates and appointments.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Picture frame
1/8" chart tape
Alphabet stickers (small and large)
Picture hanger
Permanent marker
Glass cleaner
Bounty paper towels
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Phillips screwdriver


1. Remove the back of the frame so only the glass and frame are attached. Paint frame if desired. Before designing the board, clean the front and back of the glass with a glass cleaner and a Bounty paper towel

2. On the back of the glass, measure and mark seven evenly spaced dots horizontally and six evenly spaced dots vertically using the ruler. Then connect the dots with lines of permanent marker

3. After all the boxes are complete, flip the frame and cover the lines with 1/8" chart tape 

4. Add the days of the week to the top of the calendar using the alphabet stickers

5. Flip the calendar over to the side with the marker lines. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove the lines

6. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to install the picture-hanging hardware into the wood on the fram

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