Gold Leaf Accent Wall

Gold Leaf Accent Wall

Add decorative gold leaf accents in a checkered pattern to create a unique feature wall.

5 col


Extra large wall stencil
Gold leaf sheets
Spray adhesive
2” paintbrush
Rubber gloves
Spray bottle of water
Dry rag
Painter’s tape
Tape measure
12” level



1. The first stencil will be placed in the center of the wall. To find the center, measure the width of the wall with a tape measure and find the halfway point. Mark with a pencil. If the wall is large and has a window in the center, find the halfway point between the wall and the side of the window. Repeat on the opposite side of the window. Measure the height of the wall and find the halfway point. Mark it will a pencil. Where the two halfway points meet is the center of your wall and the placement for the first stencil (See diagram below)

2. Place the stencil on the wall with it centered over the pencil marks from Step 1. Check with a 12” level to make sure the stencil is straight. Mark each of the four corners with a pencil (See image below)

3. Using the pencil marks from Step 2 as a guide, hold the stencil to the side of the pencil marks, aligning the edge of the stencil with them. Mark the two unmarked sides of the stencil with a pencil. Continue placing the stencil on the wall using the previous pencil marks as a guide. The gold leaf stencils will be added to alternate spaces on the wall creating a checkered pattern (See diagram below)


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4. Put on a facemask and rubber gloves. Hold the spray adhesive about 5” away from the stencil and lightly spray over it. Make sure all areas of the stencil design are lightly covered with the adhesive. Carefully remove the stencil. The stencil design will be visible on the wall in spray adhesive (See image below)

5. Carefully take one sheet of gold leaf at a time and press it over the adhesive stencil. Lightly brush the gold leaf with a dry brush to help it stick in place and lay flat. Continue added gold leaf until the entire stenciled area is covered (See images below)

6. Use a dry brush and begin to brush off all the excess gold leaf that isn’t adhered to the wall with adhesive. The stencil design will start to appear on the wall. Move on to the next step once as much excess gold leaf as possible is removed with the dry brush. There will still be a lot of excess remaining (See images below)

7. Spray the gold leaf lightly with water and very gently begin to wipe away any gold leaf that isn’t held to the wall with adhesive with a dry rag. Keep spraying on water and wiping until all the excess gold leaf is gone and only the gold leaf stenciled design is left (See images below)

8. Reposition the stencil on the wall using the pencil guidelines from Steps 1-4. Repeat Steps 5-8 to make additional gold leaf stencils and continue the pattern (See images below)

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