Gold Tabletop Sculpture

Gold Tabletop Sculpture

This wooden sculpture adds a glamorous modern touch to any room’s décor.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

(40) ¼" × 12" dowels
(1) 7/16" × 16" dowel
(1) skewer
Gold metallic spray paint
Black spray paint
Spring-loaded center punch
5/32" drill bit
7/16" drill bit
3" × 3" wood block for the base
Latex gloves
Craft mat

1. Place the craft mat on a flat surface. Drill into the 3" × 3" wood block base with the 7/16" drill bit. It should be about 1" deep in the center

2. Spray paint the wood block black and set aside to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure to wear latex gloves and a facemask to protect yourself from the paint’s harmful chemicals

3. Drill a hole at the end of the 7/16" × 16" dowel with the 5/32” drill bit

4. Mark one ¼" × 12" dowel with the spring-loaded center punch in the middle

5. Use the 5/32" drill bit to drill a hole at the center punch mark

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all 40 dowels

7. Gently shimmy the first (20) ¼" × 12" dowels onto the skewer. Make sure the dowels start at the very end – the fit should be just tight enough that they won’t slide off

8. After 20 dowels are on the skewer, shimmy the 7/16" × 16" dowel onto the skewer, as shown

9. Shimmy the last (20) ¼" × 12" dowels onto the skewer

10. Once all the dowels are placed on the skewer, insert the 7/16" × 16" dowel into the base

11. Create your design by manipulating the dowels to make the desired shape. For our project, the design is a spiral

12. Once the sculpture is complete, carefully remove it from the black base and spray paint it gold

13. Allow it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes

14. Insert it into the black base 

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