Golf Club Canvas Art

Golf Club Canvas Art

Make a display from sentimental sports items with Nicole Gibbons’ creative project.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

(3) Golf clubs
48” x 24” x 5/8” Plywood board
Fabric – the color of your choice
¼” Batting
(6) Cup hooks
Tape measure
Staple gun
Drill with 1/8” bit
Needle nose pliers
(2) Tongue and groove hooks



1. Spread out the batting onto your work surface and center the plywood on top. Lift the batting over the edges of the plywood and secure in place with a staple gun, placing the staples 4” to 6” apart. Make sure the batting in taut as you go. Once the batting is attached, trim of the excess with scissors

2. Spread out your fabric face side down on your work surface. Place the plywood with batting face side down on top of the fabric. Repeat Step 1 to secure the fabric to the board (See image below)


3. On the back of the plywood, measure 20” along the board starting from the short edge and 2” down from the long edge. Mark the point with a pencil. Repeat starting on the opposite end of the plywood. These will be where you place the tongue and groove hooks for hanging the piece (See diagram below)


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4. Center the tongue and groove hooks over the pencil marks from Step 3 and hammer in small nails to secure them in place (See image below)


5. Turn the board over so it’s fabric side up. From one short edge of the board, measure 15” inwards and 5” up from the long edge. Mark the meeting point of the two measurements with a pen dot on the fabric. From the pen dot, measure two more 5” increments up the fabric and also mark with pen dots. Repeat on the other side of the front board for a total of six pen marks (See diagram below)

6. Using a drill with a 1/8” bit, drill pilot holes through each of the pen marks from Step 5. Screw a cup hook into each pilot hole so the open end of each hook is facing towards the top of the board (See image below)

7. The handles of the golf clubs are thicker than the club end. To accommodate the handles, use needle-nose pliers to widen the opening of all three cup hooks on the left side of the board (See image below)

8. Rest each golf club on the cup hooks

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