Gravity Paint Side Tables

Gravity Paint Side Tables

This project creates a functional side table with a unique paint pattern.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

(2) Side tables
2-inch wood screws
Canvas tape
Large bucket
(9) Medium buckets

  • La Fonda Fireberry (red)
  • Caramel Cream (orange)
  • Elizabeth Yellow (yellow)
  • Shallow Valley (green)
  • Ocean Soul (light blue)
  • La Fonda Deep Blue (light Blue)
  • Plumberry (violet)
  • Bistro White
  • Pink

(11) Stir sticks
Extender (extends the drying time of the paint)
Foam roller
Paint tray


1. Lay down tarp and plywood large enough to lay the table on top of while you apply the paints for stabilization and protection of the ground

2. Flip the table upside down and drill screws in the base of the table. Repeat until each leg has 2 screws on each side. This raises the table and allows the paint to flow without gathering at the bottom of the table

3. Line the tables together as tight as possible. Use the lever to ensure they are the same height, and then use canvas tape to tape them together

4. Prep the paint mixture by putting paint in each of the buckets. For every 1-cup of paint, add 2 ounces of water and 2 ounces of extender. Use a stir stick to stir the mixture

5. Stir the pink base paint with the stir stick to take out the paint swirls

6. Put on the gloves and pour onto the center of the table slowly, letting it flow down the sides of the table like a river

7. Use your hands to spread the paint slowly around the 4 sides of the table


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8. Pour the colors one at a time (1/3 at a time) according to ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellows, green, blue, indigo, violet) + white

9. Immediately after pouring the base pink, pour the red in the center directly over the pink. Do not spread with your hands, but rather let it spread naturally

10. Pour the orange on top of the red

11. Pour the yellow on top of the orange, continuing to allow the paint to spread naturally as you layer

12. Pour the green paint over the yellow

13. Pour the light blue and then the dark blue

14. Pour the white paint

15. Repeat steps 8-13 one time. Tilt the entire table gently from left to right, front to back, allowing the paints to spread down the table naturally

16. Repeat steps 8-14 twice more, tilting front/back and left/right

17. Repeat the entire process on the second table. Once both tables are painted, let it dry for 24-72 hours

18. When both tables are dry, apply the shellac to the paint-covered table with the foam roller. This helps seals the paint and protects from wear and tear

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