Hanging Family Portraits

Hanging Family Portraits

Create a unique way to hang family photos.

5 col


Frames with mats (various sizes)
Cabinet pulls (hardware to hang the frames)
String or wire
Staple gun
2" nails
Paint roller
Paint tray
Leather straps (leather belts can be used)


1. Remove glass and matte from the picture frames

2. Paint the matte with one thin coat of paint, and let dry completely

3. Use clear tape to secure a photo to the back of the matte before reassembling the frame

4. Reassemble the frame

5. Use a staple gun to staple the leather straps about 1½" from the edge of the frame

6. Mark placement on wall, drill a hole into the wall

7. Screw the cabinet pull into the wall, and hang the frame from the leather straps

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