Hanging Wall Shelves

Hanging Wall Shelves

The project helps create stylish, space-saving storage in a small bedroom space.

5 col


(3) Pre-cut plywood shelves
Speed square
Drill w/Forstner bit
Safety goggles
24 feet of 1” thick Manila rope, pre-cut in half to 12 feet


1. Use the speed square and pencil to mark 1 1/4” from the edges of the shelf. Repeat until all four corners of the three shelves are marked off

2. Put on the safety glasses, clamp down one side the plywood, and drill holes in the marked corners, using the drill and Forstner bit. Repeat until all of the pre-marked holes in the board have been drilled


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3. Feed the 12 foot rope through the shelf, measuring 10 feet for the top, and 12 inches between each shelf

4. Feed the rope through one side the shelves. Tie a knot, shelf by shelf, leaving 12 inches between each shelf. Repeat for the other side

5. Use ceiling hooks to hang the shelf, ensuring that the shelf is hung approximately 52-54 inches from the ground and 27 inches from the ceiling

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