Hit the Lockers Bench

Hit the Lockers Bench

This project turns a set of four lockers into a rolling bench.

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Difficulty: Easy

Vintage locker – 48” x 18” top (repurpose, purchase online or at an antique store)
47” x 17” x ½” Plywood board
Carpet runner – minimum size 60” x 30”
47” x 17” x 2” Upholstery foam
(4) 3” Casters
(16) ½” #10 Hex bolts with nuts
(16) #10 Metal washers
Drill with a ¼” titanium bit (to cut through metal), 7/16” Hex bit
Pre-drill bit
Phillips head bit
#10 Wrench
Staple gun with heavy-duty staples
Tape measure
Marker pen
Safety glasses
(4) ¾” screws



1. Turn the locker onto it’s top with the bottom facing upwards. With a tape measure, mark 1”* in from each corner edge and place a caster in each corner. Mark the position of each screw hole onto the locker and set the casters to one side. Put on your safety glasses and drill holes through each mark using a drill with a ¼” titanium bit (See image below)

2. Once all the holes are drilled, secure each caster to the bottom of the lockers with a hex bolt passed from the inside of the locker up through the caster holes. Place a washer over each bolt and then secure with a nut. To tighten, hold the nut steady with a wrench and use a drill with a hex drill bit to tighten the bolt (See images below)



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3. Roll out your carpet runner and place it face down on your work surface. Center the 2” upholstery foam on top of it and the plywood board on top of the foam. Allow approximately 7” of carpet runner around all sides of the foam and board and cut off the excess with scissors (See image below)

4. Pull the carpet runner up at over the foam and plywood in the middle section. Secure in place with a staple gun. Repeat on the opposite side of the plywood and both ends. This will ensure the carpet runner stays centered on the plywood (See image below)

5. Once the first staples are in place, go back and continue adding more staples around the sides to secure the carpet runner to the plywood. Space the staples every 3” – 4”, leaving the corners until the next step

6. There will be excess fabric at the corners that can be trimmed to make it less bulky. With the remaining corner fabric, pinch it into a point and press the point to the plywood. Secure in place with 5 - 7 staples or more if needed to keep it place (See image below)


7. The top of the locker will already have at least four pre-drilled holes that it came with. These will be used to help attach the cushion to the locker. Place the cushion on top of the locker, using your eye to center it. Put on safety glasses. From the inside of the locker drill (4) ¾” screws through the pre-drilled holes in the locker up into the underside of the cushion. You will know it has a good grip when the cushion is pulled tight against the top of the locker

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