Hope Chest Ottoman

Hope Chest Ottoman

Learn how to make an antique-looking chest that doubles as functional storage and seating.

5 col

Difficulty: Easy

Antique chest (any size you wish)
Batting (3” thick)
Heavy-duty staples
Sewing machine


1. Use the screwdriver to remove and unscrew all hardware from the chest. This helps us to separate the chest’s lid from the chest body when creating and installing the fabric around both parts

2. Set aside the chest body. Take the lid of the chest and place the batting on top, cutting to the exact size of the lid

3. Place the fabric on top of the batting, and cut to the size of the batting and chest

4. Flip the chest over, keeping the fabric and batting intact, and cut off any excess fabric


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5. Secure the fabric in place with a staple gun, applying staples around the edges of the interior of the lid every 4-6 inches, pulling the fabric taut as you go along. Start in the center of the long edge, leaving the corners last

6. Fold the corners like a gift and staple to secure

7. Take the remaining fabric (measured to the size of the chest’s body), and sew the edges of the skirt using the sewing machine. Sew along the seams

Expert Tip: When using the sewing machine to sew the fabric, don’t go too fast upon starting. Instead, start slowly and then work your way up to a steadily higher speed.

8. Once the skirt is sewn, place it over the body of the chest, fold down the fabric around the edges, and staple them down into the chest every 4 inches

9. Flip the chest over and repeat the stapling along the bottom perimeter

10. Reattach the lid to the body of the chest with the hardware

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