How to Choose Countertops

How to Choose Countertops

Use this guide to learn all about your options before you select new countertops.

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Granite: Choose granite for a long-lasting option that holds up to water, heat and scratches. It comes in many colors and affordable style options. Made of natural stone, its tint and veining vary from piece to piece.

Tip : Granite is porous, so lighter colors may stain if it isn’t sealed.

Marble and Soapstone: Bring natural, organic beauty to the kitchen or bathroom with marble or soapstone. They’re both very soft stones that can scratch and chip easily. They also require upkeep of oiling (soapstone) or sealing (marble).

Butcher Block: Select butcher block for a durable, inexpensive countertop option. The beautiful finish adds a natural element to any kitchen. Oil regularly to maintain its look.

Quartz: Choose quartz to achieve the look of natural stone with a sturdy surface that’s easy to care for. Made with resin and quartz chips, it’s relatively expensive but has endless color options.

Tile: Make cleaning a breeze by selecting a glass or ceramic tile countertop. Install this affordable option easily, and personalize it to match any design style with custom tinting options.

Solid Surfacing: Select acrylic solid surfacing for a virtually indestructible and maintenance free option. It’s available in most colors and styles — including options that mimic stone. Although man-made, the price is comparable to natural stone countertops.

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