How to Install Carpet Tiles

How to Install Carpet Tiles

Learn how to easily install carpet tiles with our design experts’ instructions.

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Carpeting a room? Carpet tiles add a designer’s touch and can cost less than having regular carpeting installed. Here’s how to install them yourself.

Carpet tiles, in enough square footage to cover floor
Straight edge
Carpet knife
Dot stickers (included with carpet tiles)
Tape measure
Chalk line



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  1. Make sure the existing floor is dry and clean
  2. Using a chalk line from the diagonal corners, create a large X across the room’s floor. This X will help ensure that the carpet tiles you lay or whatever pattern you create with the tiles will be centered in the space
  3. Place the first tile in the center of the X. Place three adjacent carpet tiles next to the first, fitting all four edges snug together. Once the four tiles have been fit together, insert one dot sticker under the tiles, at the four-corner point, sticky side up. Push each corner down, adhering it to the dot sticker. There is no need to adhere the tiles to the floor itself. Once all of the tiles have been stuck to the dot stickers and each other, the carpet tiles will not move

Tip: Some brands of carpet tile have an arrow embossed on the back of each tile. Be sure that all of the arrows are pointing in the same direction when laying the tiles down. This will guarantee that your design tiles lay fit together correctly.

  1. Continue placing adjacent tiles, working outward, toward each wall and corner of the room
  2. Cut the excess on the tiles that meet the wall, so they lay snug against the wall. To do this, push these carpet tiles up against the wall and use the pencil and straight edge to mark where the tile overlaps the one next to it. Cut the tiles along your mark using the carpet knife

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